Health Freak Cafe: Subiaco

After a brief hiatus solely due to a serious bout of chronic laziness, The Fat Cow has returned to grazing Perth pastures and more surprisingly has passed on the hot chips for a healthier alternative.

Don’t be fooled this mentality isn’t permanent and resembles most people who are extremely healthy for the morning period prior to morphing into sugar monster’s come 3pm. Spurred on by my morning feelings of healthiness I ran……… drove to the happening health cafe, Health Freak situated in Subiaco.

Health Freak Cafe details:

Opening Hours 
Monday – Friday   7am – 4.00pm

Saturday – Sunday 8am – 3pm

Monday – Saturday breakfast  is served  till 11.30am

Sunday – All Day Breakfast till 2pm.

Address: Cnr Alvan St & Railway Road Subiaco

Phone: 9380 6008

Tapping into the raw, vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free market you can be assured that all people will be catered for, including the rabbit food eaters right through to the ‘unless there’s meat there is nothing to eat’ diners.

Health Freak’s menu can be found at their website:

If you are concerned about your health and looking for a place where you know exactly what you are eating, than this is the place for you. All items listed on the menu give you a comprehensive breakdown of calories and protein etc giving you some idea of what you are putting into your body. Given that majority of the items on their menu are quite healthy, one doesn’t mind knowing the calorie content. This option probably shouldn’t be introduced to all restaurants, as ignorance is sometimes bliss and I don’t need someone confirming that the cookies and cream cheesecake isn’t a ‘healthy option’ (despite having the word cheese in it).

Being a creature of habit I rarely stray from a mushroom/egg combination or muesli, but for the sake of living life on the edge and attempting to build a six-pack I opted for the power protein pancakes topped with banana and a berry sauce.

Pancakes topped with banana and berries

Pancakes topped with banana and berries

It’s no secret that people are addicted to sugar and fat because it tastes so damn good, and despite people’s best efforts it is pretty rare to find a healthy mud cake that is head and shoulders above the fully fledged fat mud cake. The Health Freak Cafe gives it a good go and succeeds somewhat in making healthy meals which don’t sacrifice taste. Although I would like to say the pancakes were to die for, honestly they probably weren’t as enjoyable other pancakes I have had previously lathered in maple syrup and even ice-cream. What I did enjoy however was that I walked away (rather than rolling) knowing that I hadn’t consumed my entire daily intake of calories in one mouthful and was still satisfied while enjoying the meal.

If you don’t go out very often and you are looking for a ‘treat’ breakfast/lunch then I would imagine you may be left wanting if you head to Health Freak. If you are concerned about your weight, craving something fresh and natural, regularly treat your body as a temple and looking for a place which you don’t feel guilty after eating then Health Freak is just the ticket!

It’s an enjoyable cafe in a convenient location and caters to a currently in vogue healthy living market. It’s reasonably priced and worth bypassing your bacon and egg mcmuffin to see if you are happy to become a health freak.

Positives: Healthy and transparent menu options and prompt service.

Negatives: Not a ‘treat’ cafe, limited seating and bland decor.

Final score: 3/5

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Ootong & Lincoln: Fremantle

I’ve been sucking back on my inhaler for about half an hour now. This is a necessary activity based on my anxiety currently sky rocketing, buoyed by the statement I am about to make.

I love Perth!

And just to really show just how much I adore my city, I would say that I love Perth like a fat man loves being caught in sizzler after hours.

Poor Perth has been dealt a bad wrap across the years being labelled dull, boring and stuck in the 18th century. Call me beige but the slow/relaxed lifestyle is exactly what I enjoy about Perth, probably appealing to my sometimes lazy tendencies. I have however come to realise that these are sentiments  not shared by many of my co-workers, who have emulated Dora the Explorer and come across from the eastern states. Hearing gripes about Perth on such a regular basis, I have managed to collaborate a comprehensive list of Perth woes.

Top 10 first world problems of living in Perth

  1. Perth driver’s inability to merge. Despite the ‘zipper one for one formula’ working across a multitude of states in Australia, Perth drivers having created their own system based on Darwinism – Only the strongest and most impatient survive.
  2. Lack of public transport. Stand of Murray St on a Saturday and you will realise you have more opportunity of sleeping with Brad Pitt  vs hailing a taxi down.
  3. No crispy crème doughnuts, Starbuck’s or 7/11. This problem is further highlights on dates 11/7 or 7/11 when shop 7/11 has free slushy days nowhere to be seen in Perth.
  4. Isolation. It is somewhat concerning when you pay more to get the Broome (our own state) vs Bali (international)
  5. Cashed up bogan’s. Compliments of the mining boom Perth has seen a bogan boom leaving the women of Perth exposed to a quality selection of foul-mouthed, beer swilling, bearded men. Sorry boys but having money doesn’t completely compensate for being an animal.
  6. Finding out Master Chef and The Voice results via Social Media before it actually screens. Perth is already too isolated to restrict our access to Facebook and Twitter in lead up to show finales.
  7. Having to flick past 10 stories about football before reading real news. Since when is Ben Cousins new tattoo more important then global news?
  8. Cost of living. Nothing says independence like moving out of home into a share house of 6 on a diet of potato simply to afford the rent. (Blame extends to cashed up bogans)
  9. No extended trading hours and no daylight savings. End of story.
  10. And finally the biggest complaint of all……….TAKEAWAY COFFEE costing over $4.00!!

Many of these gripes I can understand and appreciate. I’m the first one to agree that 5 pages on Ben Cousins is excessive and being exposed to toothless miners who haven’t seen a woman in a long time doesn’t make for a good Saturday night. Being patriot of the state however I have made it my personal mission to change the minds around me about Perth.

No extended trading hours?? Well I say, so what! No shops open on a Sunday morning allows me to validate going out for breakfast as there is nothing else to do. I urge all those watching paint dry at home to get on board. This particular Sunday morning we ventured into Fremantle to a longtime favourite (which I haven’t blogged about) Ootong and Lincoln. Located out of Fremantle you wouldn’t really stumble upon in it while meandering through the shops. I happened to stop in initially after another favourite breakfast spot Aubergine(up the road) was packed.

$3 takeaway coffee

A large spacious cafe allows for couples and groups to find a seat relatively easily both indoors or outdoors. The interior is old school retro filled with some mean trikes and old jars (globes inserted) dangling from the ceiling providing light. 2 serving areas have been set up with a main counter taking seated customer orders while the other doing takeaways. This works well eliminating queues and people standing around the food counter waiting for their takeaways.

Interior of Ootong & Lincoln

Looking through the menu it was hard not to opt for the Chai buttermilk pancakes with honey cream lime ($16) or the Mushroom, feta, tomato, rocket, basil pesto toast ($17.50) which we had previously and thoroughly enjoyed.  Living life on the edge (like a real rock stars) we deviated from what we knew and ordered the Baked egg, tomato, spiced red pepper and humus toast ($16.50) and Smoked salmon, poached egg, avocado on rye with a side of bacon ($19.50). Drinks included a soy iced chai and fresh orange juice followed by a takeaway long black.

Ordering up at the counter I couldn’t help but eyeball the cake and lunch cabinet making note that I needed to return on a lunch or cake run. In a less than obvious way I took a quick snapshot to give you all an idea of what culinary delights O&L might offer should you make your way to the cafe.

Lunch munches

As the plate of baked eggs was placed in front of me I knew I had done the right thing by trying a new dish. The smell of the fresh ripped bread looking ripe for the dunking got the saliva glands working. My love of carbs was reaffirmed during this breakfast with the homemade bread being served slightly toasted with a drizzle of olive oil perfect for mopping up the runny eggs and tomato juices lining the base of the serving pan. The baked eggs oozed upon first cut and the mix of the humus, tomato and red pepper made for a tasty and slightly spicy bonanza.

Baked eggs with crusty bread

Although the salmon avocado didn’t look as impressive as the baked eggs with its presentation it delivered with the traditional flavours of salmon, avocado and cream cheese coming together nicely. The eggs appeared slightly overcooked and the bacon a little thin for my liking but the generous serving of salmon seemed to be the primary focus of enjoyment for my fellow grazer being left till the end to enjoy in its own glory.

Salmon and avocado

For all those complaining about the cost of coffee however here is something that will cool your heels. Takeaway quality coffee available here for $3!! Not only was it an enjoyable coffee it was regular to large in size, and the barista double cupped my long black avoiding a trip to the burns unit for my fragile hands.

Yes, Perth might have it’s downfalls but with places like Ootong & Lincoln providing quality breakfast with affordable coffee on a slow sunny Sunday I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Positives: Good portion sizes, cheap coffee, retro vibe and richly flavoured foods.

Negatives: Slightly over poached eggs, thin bacon rashers and lack of parking spaces forcing poor illegal parallel parking.

Overall scores: 3.5 /5. Well worth a visit to Freo town for this hip cafe.

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Lemon Station: Cottesloe

–  You can’t go to the movies alone, that is the epitome of sadness – 

Quote from my Mother.

At this moment I came to think about all the things I do alone and how I may portray the look of someone socially inept or slightly stalkerish to those sitting near me. As I pondered over this statement, I came to acknowledge that there is a definite feeling about what is socially appropriate to do in a group vs on your own.

After being told that going to the movies alone was social suicide, it made me wonder where dining alone sat on the “nigel no-friends appropriateness scale”. Although it’s a sad state of affairs to sit at home alone with your t.v dinner flanked by a half empty bottle of red (probably watching Patrick Swayze lift baby out of the water), it is socially acceptable as your not projecting your sadness onto the general public.

I however strongly believe that dining alone is an activity that one should be able to do solo, without being banished to the land of pity by surrounding couples. To see if I was the only one to share this notion I consulted search engine Google which came back with some interesting insights. From what I could gather it’s  fine to eat alone as long as you look like you seem busy or important.

Suitable suggestions to remedy the dining alone ‘uncomfortabelness’ include:

1. Be bookish and read a magazine or the paper.

2. Eavesdrop on other’s conversation nearby

3. Befriend your blackberry, android or iphone

Personally after reading these suggestions I would be more concerned about the person cocking their ear towards your general direction or a person pretending to talk on the phone to Mr Nobody vs the lone diner simply enjoying their meal. Chances are they are dining alone not because they have debatable social skills or a serious case of halitosis, but rather the food is 10 times better than the mouldy cheese toastie waiting at home, or they would rather have no company over bad company.

Feeling ok about eating alone I can now move onto sharing my solitary experience at Lemon Station in Cottesloe.

Lemon Station
7 Station Street, Cottesloe
Tel: 08 9284 3808

Click to access lemonstation.pdf

Opening Times:

Mon-Fri: 6.30am – 3.30pm
Sat: 7.00am – 3.30pm
Sun: 7.30am – 1.00pm

After a busy morning of physical exercise it is a regular phenomena that I feel justified to ‘treat’ myself to breakfast. On today’s occasion I had a craving for bircher muesli. Some people would be hating on me right now for ordering bircher, but being a bircher lover I have found that creating a memorable bircher muesli is an achievement and NO, I CAN’T MAKE IT AT HOME!

I entered the cafe without too many strange looks, and took my seat at a bar table to peruse the menu which had been clearly written up to the side of the cash register. As the long drive to Cottesloe had built up my bircher cravings little time was required to make a choice. I placed an order of apple bircher muesli with vanilla poached strawberries, honeyed yoghurt and toasted hazelnuts ($13.5)  with a long black.

Other menu items included:

Parmesan & spring onion potato cake w/ pancetta crisps, poached egg, citrus crème fraiche & wild rocket ($16)

Bacon & fried egg sandwich w/ homemade tomato relish & greens ($13), Spanish Omelette w/ roasted cherry tomatoes, green onion, basil pesto & feta ($15)  (gf/v) add chorizo ($3).

I scanned the newspaper while waiting – suggestion 1 of how to eat alone and not feel uncomfortable. Fortunately for those around me, I have the hearing of an 80-year-old jack hammer operator and couldn’t eavesdrop on interesting conversation (suggestion 2). A positive of dining alone is that food arrives quickly (perhaps it’s quick to cook or they want you to leave) which gave me good reason to fold away the paper and look busy eating. Presentation was simple yet the vibrant poached strawberry’s made it look appetising. The serving size was in proportion to the cost of the dish, and didn’t leave me contemplating eating the cold baked beans waiting for me at home.

Long Black Coffee - The Morning Hit

The creaminess and softness of the honeyed yoghurt and poached strawberries was nicely offset by the cruchiness of the toasted hazelnuts. Every mouthful I took was enjoyable and the  creepy smile plastered across my face started to make the children weep. Served in square bowl with a round spoon posed some engineering difficulties towards the end of the bowl. Showing marked difficulties in scooping up the last of the bircher with a little hard work and discipline I conquered the bowl, with my parents not doubt being proud of the persistence I displayed.

Apple Bircher muesli w/ vanilla poached strawberries, honey yoghurt & toasted hazelnuts

Apple Bircher muesli w/ vanilla poached strawberries, honey yoghurt & toasted hazelnuts

It’s a big call which I am happy to put out there until convinced otherwise, but Lemon’s bircher muesli is one of the best in Perth closely followed by Blend Cafe (Melville). This is a small cafe which serves up some tasty food for a good price. They are not re-inventing the wheel with their menu but what they produce is of high quality.

Final verdict: 3.5/5

Positives: Friendly service, nothing over $20 for breakfast, located close to Cottesloe beach.

Negatives: Basic decor and a simple breakfast menu.

To finish things off I have come to the conclusion that despite my Mother’s grave concerns about my social wellbeing, I rather enjoy a breakfast date with myself. I am however drawing the line at eating solo in a fine dining restaurant – I don’t want the wait staff betting on how long I will wait before my date turns up.

Love The Fat Cow x

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Mrs S: Maylands

Mary had a little pig,
She kept it fat and plastered;
And when the price of pork went up,
She shot the little ba$%#$d

I know it’s not your typical nursery rhyme but Mrs S isn’t your typical suburban cafe. With the interior decked out with cute references to childhood pastimes including Peter Rabbit wall pictures and Little Golden Books as menus, Mrs S automatically creates a homely environment on entry. This ‘cute’ factor is necessary based on the eyesore AKA railway line situated on the opposite side of the road.

The details:

178 Whatley Crescent, Maylands

(08) 9721 6690

Opening hours:  Tues – Sunday for breakfast and lunch.

Being to Mrs S more times than one should go out for breakfast and my painful spruiking to others about it, expectations were high. Perusing the menu I faced the dilemma of choosing between the notoriously good home-made corn bread topped with bacon, maple syrup and poached eggs or the homemade baked beans with feta and poached eggs on ciabatta. Knowing that I wouldn’t be venturing into many public spaces that afternoon I felt it was safe (for both myself and the general public) to have a good healthy dose of beans. My fellow grazer also felt it important to have some protein therefore ordering the same dish. A side order of a long black and piccolo latte was added to aid in starting the day.

Long black coffee with Little Golden Book menu

Orders are taken at the counter, so if you head in wanting high quality ‘table service’ then you might be a little disappointed. I personally don’t mind ordering at the counter as  it avoids waving your hand like a swimmer caught in a rip, which happens fairly regularly in Perth. The coffee’s came out first and although it wasn’t the best long black I still found it acceptable. The piccolo on the other hand was disappointing resembling warm milk with a dash of espresso. Not the ideal start but we were willing to persist and wait for our food, based on the quality plates being served to other grazers. (At this point I put my food stalker binoculars away)

Home-made baked beans with feta and poached eggs on ciabatta

Like a small child a wry smile came across my face as our plates headed in our direction. In my mind the plates had their own theme tune with the classic childhood song ….. beans beans the wonderful fruit, the more you eat the more you toot….. playing in my immature head. A prolonged ‘oooooohhhh’ from both grazers was elicited upon delivery of the plates indicating presentation must have been on the money. As much as I think presentation is important it really is about the taste, hence why Picnic chocolate bars are still being consumed. For me the beans could have been cooked a touch longer being a little crunchy for my liking but aside from this the meal was an absolute dream. The eggs were perfectly poached and seasoned, while the addition of the feta broke up the flavour of the beans and balanced the dish nicely. The ciabatta was fresh and allowed the remnants of the beans and eggs to be cleaned up to a point where the dish looked like it had been washed.

Despite the average coffee, the food once again excelled and we were given a nice send off by the wait staff which was a pleasant end to our morning expedition.

Negatives: Average coffee and slightly undercooked beans.

Positives: Quirky interior prompting a trip down memory lane, perfectly poached eggs and the display of appetising cakes.

Overall: 4/5. I will continue to spruik my little heart out about how much I love this place for breakfast!

Stay tuned for a write-up on ‘The Silver Spoon’ degustation menu located in Vic Park

Love The Fat Cow x

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The Imp Cafe : East Vic Park

According to my research the definition of the word ‘Imp’ means: A small devil or small mischievous child.


As one is able to do on Wikipedia I am tempted to alter the word  ‘Imp’  to meaning: A ridiculously small food portion.


I have been to Imp Cafe previously for breakfast a few times and quite enjoyed their bircher muesli and Fiori coffee. I was however interested in seeing what their nighttime tapas menu had to offer. With the cafe being conveniently located from my humble abode and being BYO, I was keen to see if The Imp could become a regular grazing pasture when the mood for Tapas struck.

The Imp Cafe

863 Albany Hwy, East Vic Park

Phone: (08) 9361 2600

Open Mon – Sun (7am till 10pm)

BYO wine (Bottle shop 4 doors down)

Not being able to book and knowing that the cafe itself is very small, our group of 5 (university chums) arrived at 6pm in order to ‘shotgun’ a table. Fortunately we nabbed a  table in prime location AKA next to the cake display. While we waited for our late 6th member to arrive we poured the red ($3 corkage p/head) and started campaigning for whichever plate took our fancy.

In the past I have clearly shared my notion of ‘what’s yours is mine’ when it comes to dining out. With this in mind one would think that I would adore Tapas, to which I respond with a “negative ghost rider”. My aversion to going out for tapas stems from the fact that after taking all costs into account it can wind up being expensive. This is mainly due to the fact that you have to purchase a  kebab with the lot on the way home because you are still starving. Not wanting to end my night with a kebab in hand and garlic sauce over my face, we surveyed the waitress as to how much we would require for 6 people. Her answer…… ‘ 1 plate each’. Putting my non-existent maths skills to use, 6 people meant that 6 plates would be required to avoid the kebab ghost run.

After vigorous campaigning and casting our votes the selection included:

Lamb backstrap, cous cous, stone fruit, mint & yoghurt …………. 26.0

Beef shin, charred spring onions & sticky soy sauce (g) ………….. 18.5

Crispy pork belly with cinnamon sugar, sweet potato, apple & currants .. 13.0

Spiced hand cut potatoes with aioli (v) …………………………………. 9.0

Venison chorizo, lemon & parsley (g) ……………………………………. 9.5

Duck & fig frittata bites, rocket & truffle oil (g) ……………………… 15.0

After ordering we were informed that our 6th member had gone AWOL and therefore would not be joining us. Secretly I smiled inside knowing that there would be no chance of going hungry, as we were sharing 6 plates between the 5 of us!! Happy days.

Service was relatively prompt but I would have hated to have seen my face when the plates were placed in front of me. I think it would have resembled the look of a two-year old realising she had received a book and embroided handkerchiefs for Christmas vs the My Little Pony, that she had been hankering for all year. I was particularly concerned about how we would go about sharing the crispy pork belly between 5 of us when there were only 2 portions about the size of a dice sitting on the oversized plate.

Crispy pork belly with cinnamon sugar, sweet potato, apple & currants

Feeling a little deflated I hoped that by slowy gnawing on each piece I would not only be amazed by the flavours but feel satisfied. Unfortunately this really wasn’t the case with the crispy pork belly not being particularly crispy and the hand cut potatoes resembling Napoleon Dynamite’s potato tots. The duck and fig frittata bites was probably the biggest let down, with the flavours of the duck and fig not coming through resulting in it tasting very bland.

Spiced hand cut potatoes with aioli (v)

The venison chorizo however was addictive and the dash of lemon gave it a nice fresh taste. I also enjoyed the lamb backstrap which was nicely accompanied with the cous cous and mint yoghurt, and was an appropriate serving size for 6 people.

Although we could have ordered more, I thought ‘wouldn’t it be good service and logical to inform diners that more than one pork belly dish should be ordered if there is only 2 pieces with 6 people sitting at the table????’

As the cake display had been making eyes at me all night, I decided to not order more tapas and fill up on sugary goodness. There was a large selection of desserts including brownies, crumble, sticky date pudding and carrot cake to name a few. Being slightly overcast I was in the mood for sticky date ($5.50) with a side of vanilla ice-cream ($2). The presentation of the pudding was cute (being served in a coffee cup) and the generous side serving of vanilla ice-cream was not in keeping with The Imp name. The pudding was enjoyable, but could have done with more sticky date sauce (really just sugar and butter…yum) making the cake more ‘moist’ (probably the most common word used when talking cake). Fortunately with the combination of the cake and red wine I felt full despite the main event barely touching the sides.

Sticky date pudding with a side of vanilla icecream

Positives: BYO wine, venison chorizo, generous with the ice-cream and a pleasant setting.

Negatives: ‘Imp size’ portions, bland duck frittata and another black mark against going out for Tapas.

Overall: Sorry but this Tapas didn’t win me over so I am giving it a 2/5. I am however happy to return for breakfast based on good past experiences.

Love The Fat Cow x

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Sayers: Leederville

Eating rice cakes is like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling.

– Dave Barry –

Humor columnist Dave Barry is 100% right – Rice cake’s taste like styrofoam. As far as I am concerned rice cakes, oats, cucumber and unsalted popcorn would all be ‘beige’ if they were a colour and are a waste of calories which could be put to better use for mouth-watering  culinary delights.  Throughout the week I try to resist devouring a whole bowl of flavour filled (and sugar filled) cereal and eat the mundane healthy oats with fruit as diabetes doesn’t particularly interest me. But one can not live this way forever (or for an entire 7 days), which is why I dedicate every Sunday morning to replenishing my body with a breakfast flavour explosion that it so desperately needs. Some may say that I am a breakfast addict…… I am not willing to admit to this in case it leads to me having to give it up.

Not wanting to waste my once a week breakfast bonanza much planning, research and thought goes into which cafe will fulfill my physiological needs. Therefore, I offer you a slightly scary insight into my weekly thought process.

1. I need a cafe which serves both savoury and sweet breakfast dishes – Making a midweek prediction of,  if you will want hot cakes or poached eggs just isn’t possible.

2. I need a place which doesn’t remind me of an IKEA car park and have people stalking me for my seat while eating.

3. Most importantly though, I need a cafe which is located close to the shops so that I can attempt to make last-minute Christmas gift purchases on a full and happy stomach.

Final conclusion was the well-known and loved cafe SAYERS!

224 Carr Place, Leederville


7am–11:30am: Breakfast
11:30am–2pm: Lunch


7am–2pm: Breakfast
11:30–3pm: Counter lunch

Like a kid on Christmas morning I awoke early keen to have the most important meal of the day, and it wasn’t long before we were scamming a table outside decked with Freudian like chairs. Perched on my chair like Queen Mary the hard work of selecting a meal began. (A story in itself)

I did a personality test the other day which resulted in me finding out that I have relatively poor decision-making ability. At the time I scoffed at this notion choosing to believe that I wasn’t one of those annoying people who were forever ‘going with the flow’ *insert cringe*. As I scanned over the menu however, I had an epiphany realising that in the space of 10 minutes I still hadn’t reached a clear decision on what I wanted. Although tests prove I am psychologically inept in this area, I truly believe that Sayers did not assist in the process having a menu that looked so damn good. Although I had been recommended the Ricotta and White Chocolate Hotcakes with sticky toffee apple sauce and double cream ($16.50) I settled on the somewhat unusual combination of Raspberry Mushroom & crumbled feta, rocket, poached egg on toasted quinoa & linseed. ($18.50)

I often take the ‘what’s your’s is mine approach‘ when dining with most people. My fellow grazer played a strategic game however and ordered the Green tea salmon egg, baked ricotta, Denmark asparagus & rosewater poached pear ($20.50) knowing that I wouldn’t eat off their plate due to my strong dislike of smoked salmon.So the stage was set – Sayers had only one chance to blow me away with the one dish that I had ordered. At no point would unseasoned poached egg or mushroom cut it, I could not have my Sunday morning ruined by a breakfast which tasted like rice cakes.

Green tea salmon scrambled egg, baked ricotta, Denmark asparagus with rosewater poached pears

Fortunately for Sayers things were looking positive, with my star sign (in the paper) indicating that I would have a good day. The meals arrived in a timely manner and were aesthetically very pleasing. The lashing’s of raspberry over the top of the mushroom gave the plate a real lift in terms of presentation. I was additionally excited to see that my lone poached egg had been seasoned well with sea salt and pepper – BIG TICK.

Raspberry mushroom & crumbled feta, rocket, poached egg on toasted quinoa and linseed

Although I was dubious about how the raspberry would taste when combined with the other components of the dish I was pleasantly surprised. The strong flavour of the crumbled feta was nicely offset by the delicate sweetness and freshness of the raspberry drizzle. This was a good dish and I was feeling that I would be awarding my first 5/5 score to Sayers. The ultimate and final test however came down to that little poached egg sitting ever so quietly next to the quinoa & linseed toast – would it have the ‘goo factor’ that one aspires to get right when poaching their own eggs?????? As the knife pierced the surface, like a little rays of sunshine the bright yellow yolk ran all over the mushroom making me (in a sad way) very happy. As I scraped my plate clean I felt fulfilled and happy to take on the arduous task of Christmas shopping amidst the rest of the unorganised Perth population.


Positives: Great food and coffee, good atmosphere and prompt service (despite being busy). It is easy to see why Sayers has been and remained a popular and well liked dining spot since its opening.

Negatives: Fairly small place – Based on its popularity it would be difficult to get a seat if you have more than 4 people and it is fairly loud if dining inside.

Flaversome food,  crave curing coffee, sensational staff and a scenic setting = a top score of 5/5

Up next is tapas at ‘The Imp’ in Victoria Park so stay tuned.

Love ‘The Fat Cow” x

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Moore and Moore: Fremantle

Words can not explain how much I adore and love breakfast. It is without a doubt the best meal of the day and one which I live to ‘eat out’ for. If you are sitting there thinking this cow clearly has too much energy in the wee hours, I can tell you I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. However……….knowing in an hours time I could be sipping on coffee, reading the paper and eating something other than heated up Uncle Toby’s oats, I find the motivation to emerge from under the sheets.

On this particular Sunday morning I was quite sprightly knowing that I was about to embark on a journey (with my partner in crime) to one of our favourite breakfast haunts Moore and Moore in the funky and slightly hippy district of Fremantle. With a smell of incense in the air and the sun on our back, I was hoping that M&M was going to live up to its usual high standard which I have come to admire.

If you haven’t been to Moore and Moore before it is located in The Moores Building
46 Henry Street, Fremantle, WA 6160
T: (08) 9335 8825

The cafe itself lies right next to the art gallery, so if you are feeling particularly cultural you can enjoy great food while attempting to interpret a vast array of artistic works.

The quirkyness of the interior and the open alfresco area makes for a perfect Sunday morning (while getting the recommended dose of Vitamin D.) We ordered the French Toast and  Parmesan & Spinach Poached Eggs on Turkish Bread, with fresh tropical and apple juice to wash it down. The photos attached speak for themselves with both meals looking fantastic and tasting even better. If I had one complaint it would be the I would have liked my poached eggs slightly runnier to soak into the fresh turkish bread. My fellow grazer however would have liked to level out the rustic paving, to stop the slight rock on the table impeding his ability to tuck into his French Toast.

This place comes highly recommended with most breakfast mains being under $20 and producing great meals time after time. Being here previously I would also recommend the Fruit Toast with the mouth-watering cinnamon butter and home-made preserves that come with it.It is very rare to come here and get food envy with everyone’s meals often being of equally high standard.

For me this place is a 4.5/5 (losing marks on the eggs…. next time it could be 5/5)

I am happy to endorse such a cafe which embodies good food, coffee, service and ambience.

Love The Fat Cow x
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The George: Perth CBD

Some weekends are dedicated to catching up with friends and family which inevitably means travelling from one cafe to the next. This weekend was no exception and left me visiting a variety of Perth pastures (restaurant’s/cafe’s) with some leaving me slightly underwhelmed.

The Indi Bar located at

3 Hastings Street Scarborough Western Australia 6019
ph: +61 8 9341 112
fx: +61 8 9341 1899

Kicked off the weekend on Friday night with local talent Carus Thompson getting the crowds in. I hadn’t seen or been to the Indi Bar before, and from the initial observation I felt as though I should have parked closer to the door or in a more well-lit area. As the main attraction was not playing in the front bar when we arrived, we took it upon ourselves to get into the bar/bistro theme munching on some turkish bread with homemade dips ($9) , wedges ($9) and chunky chips ($8). I know this isn’t a gourmet choice, but when in a pub it seems like the natural thing to do. I washed this down with a nice glass of Cab Sav Pepperjack which is great in any situation. The turkish bread and dips did not impress with the dip tasting like Philadelphia cream cheese. As for the wedges and chips….. well they were moreish, as indicated by the empty bowls with only remnants of the fried joys remaining. From observation the bar looked like it fulfilled its role of good standard pub food specialising in steak, burgers and chips. So if you’re in need for some pub grub and don’t mind dated decor then The Indi Bar will provide you with what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something a little more gourmet then somewhere like The Brisbane might be a better option.

Rating 2.5/5

The local talent

All the action from The Indi Bar

The Windsor Hotel was my next stop on the weekends eating adventure.

112 Mill Point Rd, South Perth

This is my local stomping ground and have eaten and drunk a few to many wines here on many occasion. Being there on a warm Sunday afternoon under the shade cloth’s in the beer garden got me in a good mood straight away. This was quickly taken back however when after observing the menu I came to realise that my usual salt and pepper squid with Nam Jim salad had been removed from the menu. This dish was my clear favourite and forced me to deviate from tradition onto the wood fired pizza list. Service was adequate with attentive wait staff taking our food and drink orders straight away. It was however disappointing to see that the wait staff could not advise us if the barramundi listed on the menu had been caught locally. With the waiter returning to the table to inform us that it was local produce, half the table opted for a plate of traditional battered fish and chips ($29) while I ordered The Triple P  wood fired pizza (Red curry chicken, satay sauce, pineapple, coriander, spring onion, capsicum and sweet chilli topped with mozzarella ($23). Meals were quick to be delivered to the table however due to the pizza oven being in a different kitchen, the rest of the table was made to wait  while my pizza came out separatley…..some peoples manners are better than mine. Reviews of the barrumundi were all positive with the batter being light and the fish remaining moist. The pizza was enjoyable and had the wood fired crunch to the thin base however did appear quite oily on top when placed in front of us.

The final verdict – Good atmosphere and ambience in the beer garden when warm. Adequate service but limited knowledge of the menu. Good pub food at adequate prices. Rating 3.5/5

Slightly full from the Windsor I was craving something sweet to top off my day. What better way to end a busy weekend with a High Tea full of bite sized delights and fine china. I had been fortunate enough to be invited to The George by a friend to help celebrate her birthday.

The George

216 St Georges Tce, Perth

I never knew The George specialised in High Tea, after seeing it mainly as a place that the rat race flocked to on Friday afternoon to drown their sorrows about the stressful week they just had and what was installed for the next. But as I entered the doors (after finding a park at the overpriced Atrium car park) the room was packed with young and old women grazing on scones and pastries, with the odd male sitting there formulating an exit strategy. Due to our large numbers we were in the function room which was good as we were able to mingle with ease between the two tables. There was a good selection of teas available however due to being a coffee addict I ordered a long black. Should I have been traditional, Chai tea would have been the tea of choice. Sipping on champagne tied us over until the tea and coffee came out with scones, jam and cream to accompany it. The scones were light a fluffy and the jam was clearly homemade with the cream having a nice taste of vanilla to it. It was unfortunate however that after this course it was a long time till the tiered cake stand presented itself with the remainder of the food. By this stage another round of coffee and tea would have been nice but must not be included in the price of $37 p/p. The wait staff ensured that each party member was told about each individual item on the stand, which I was impressed by. It did seem strange however to be tucking into rare beef and smoked chicken sandwiches after starting on sweet scones. The highlight of the assorted cakes was the small lemon tarts topped with passionfruit, although the chocolate pistachio cake was also another clear favourite. Ialso  commend the chef for catering for my gluten intolerant friend, who was served an individual assortment of cakes and pastries which was equally as appetising.

Lemon Tart

A few tasty treats

Although the food was enjoyable, the odd presentation and lack of refills with the tea and coffee left me a little underwhelmed considering the price. I did not walk out the door feeling like The George was Perth’s best high tea restaurant, which was a shame as it seems to have the potential to do so.

Rating 3.5/5

So there it is my friends. 3 restaurants later and 3 kg’s heavier The Fat Cow has had a busy weekend. Leave me a post should you recommend any places to review.

Love The Fat Cow