The Attic: Fremantle

The Attic: A special place reserved for unwanted family members prone to social inappropriateness and bringing shame to the family name.

On the odd occasion Mum and Dad take pity on me, and let me descend from the lofty room I have come to spend a significant amount of time in. On these rare occasions I make a point of taking full advantage of obtaining food, sunlight and making awkward conversation with those around me. Although wanting to capitalise on being set loose on the public, I am a creature of habit and last Sunday was quick to return to “The Attic”…….just in someone elses Fremantle property.

The Attic

16 Bannister St, Fremantle

08 9385 6248

Open: Tuesday – Saturday 7am – 4pm

Sunday 8am – 4pm

Located just off the main strip of Fremantle my fellow diner (AKA: Arancini Balls) would be forgiven for thinking I was taking him into the ghettos of Fremantle to quietly dispose of him.  Full of relief and with all his organs still intact the door to The Attic appeared in the brick building. Arancini and I scurried inside to be welcomed by a front counter full of sumptuous freshly baked goods and the glorious Sunday smell of coffee beans. With the seating being located upstairs we grabbed a menu to order straight away, therefore minimising the need to climb the steps twice. Some may say this is lazy, I just claim that we were being energy-efficient.

The menu was extensive with a wide range of unique dishes suitable for a range of different palates. In true Perth style the service at The Attic was not up to scratch with the waitress appearing to have sucked on sour lemons all morning. There is only so many times someone can rudely ask “Are you finally ready to order or have you finally made up your mind?” Before I want to throw the menu at their sarcastic face.  Last time I checked body language isn’t a foreign concept and surely a trained waitress would understand, that if I am still looking at the menu with a semi-dumbstruck look on my face then I am clearly not ready to give her my order.

With the laser beams from the waitress’ eyes  boring into my soul I hastily settled on the toasted Quesadilla filled with black beans, goats cheese, fried egg, white sauce and avocado while Arancini ordered the Breakfast Panini with bacon, fried egg and homemade relish. For drinks we ordered a long black ($3.80) and fresh apple/pear juice ($6). Roughly coming to about $15 – $20 p/person.

With the order placed we trudged up the stairs in disgraceful fashion admiring the local artist’s photographs lining the walls. Inclusion of the exhibition was a nice touch reminding me of Moore & Moore’s blend of food and arts. The upstairs look was very vintage with retro arm chairs and low coffee tables filling to room. Unfortunately due to lack of space there is only one main dining table, which you would need to snare if you had more than 4 people. We managed to snare the end 2 seats on this table (I would have hated to have seen us attempt to bring food to mouth off the low coffee tables.)

Vintage arm chairs upstairs at The Attic

Vintage arm chairs upstairs at The Attic

Next up was a quick game of guess the fashion style. An entertaining moment where one turns to Sunday’s STM fashion page and attempts to guess what 3 words best describes the poser’s fashion. Inevitably every person has a fun, unique, sophisticated, edgy or chic style. It will be a great day when someone admits that their style is outdated, bought on sale or the only clothing item without a stain.

Our food came out and presentation was clean and simple but still appetising. Although typically a poached egg girl the fried egg on top of the quesadilla was cooked to perfection and went well with the dish. The flavour of the eggs and goats cheese mixed well with the black beans providing the bulk of the dish. The hint of jalapeno’s gave it a slight kick of heat and tied the meal together. The white sauce tasted nice but with the avocado and goats cheese providing enough creaminess, it was something that could have been left to the side. Arancini’s Breakfast Panini was a generous serving and I have no doubt most people wouldn’t be left hungry after it. The simple breakfast flavours of egg, bacon and spinach classically went together but the home-made relish made it all that more memorable.

Breakfast Panini with egg, bacon and homemade relish

Quesadilla with fried egg, black beans, goats cheese, white sauce and avocado

Quesadilla with fried egg, black beans, goats cheese, white sauce and avocado

The long black coffee ($3.80) was probably one of the best coffee’s I’ve had in a while but the same couldn’t be said for the fresh juice. Although having delicious flavour it was let down by being served room temperature. Juice needs to be refreshing especially when you have gone to the hard work of freshly squeezing it, a couple of ice blocks or a cold glass would have gone a long way.

Positives: Pleasant food, vintage decor and smooth coffee.

Negatives: Waitress who had sucked on way too many lemons and hot/luke warm juice.

Score: 3/5.

As much as it pains me to pay a compliment to Victoria, this place has a Melbourne cafe vibe with its vintage nature. It serves well executed and tasty dishes for a reasonable price and a timely fashion. Perhaps with a little more vitamin D and less hours spent locked away in The Attic, this place may get a warmer staff member greeting it’s customers.
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