Sayers: Leederville

Eating rice cakes is like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling.

– Dave Barry –

Humor columnist Dave Barry is 100% right – Rice cake’s taste like styrofoam. As far as I am concerned rice cakes, oats, cucumber and unsalted popcorn would all be ‘beige’ if they were a colour and are a waste of calories which could be put to better use for mouth-watering  culinary delights.  Throughout the week I try to resist devouring a whole bowl of flavour filled (and sugar filled) cereal and eat the mundane healthy oats with fruit as diabetes doesn’t particularly interest me. But one can not live this way forever (or for an entire 7 days), which is why I dedicate every Sunday morning to replenishing my body with a breakfast flavour explosion that it so desperately needs. Some may say that I am a breakfast addict…… I am not willing to admit to this in case it leads to me having to give it up.

Not wanting to waste my once a week breakfast bonanza much planning, research and thought goes into which cafe will fulfill my physiological needs. Therefore, I offer you a slightly scary insight into my weekly thought process.

1. I need a cafe which serves both savoury and sweet breakfast dishes – Making a midweek prediction of,  if you will want hot cakes or poached eggs just isn’t possible.

2. I need a place which doesn’t remind me of an IKEA car park and have people stalking me for my seat while eating.

3. Most importantly though, I need a cafe which is located close to the shops so that I can attempt to make last-minute Christmas gift purchases on a full and happy stomach.

Final conclusion was the well-known and loved cafe SAYERS!

224 Carr Place, Leederville


7am–11:30am: Breakfast
11:30am–2pm: Lunch


7am–2pm: Breakfast
11:30–3pm: Counter lunch

Like a kid on Christmas morning I awoke early keen to have the most important meal of the day, and it wasn’t long before we were scamming a table outside decked with Freudian like chairs. Perched on my chair like Queen Mary the hard work of selecting a meal began. (A story in itself)

I did a personality test the other day which resulted in me finding out that I have relatively poor decision-making ability. At the time I scoffed at this notion choosing to believe that I wasn’t one of those annoying people who were forever ‘going with the flow’ *insert cringe*. As I scanned over the menu however, I had an epiphany realising that in the space of 10 minutes I still hadn’t reached a clear decision on what I wanted. Although tests prove I am psychologically inept in this area, I truly believe that Sayers did not assist in the process having a menu that looked so damn good. Although I had been recommended the Ricotta and White Chocolate Hotcakes with sticky toffee apple sauce and double cream ($16.50) I settled on the somewhat unusual combination of Raspberry Mushroom & crumbled feta, rocket, poached egg on toasted quinoa & linseed. ($18.50)

I often take the ‘what’s your’s is mine approach‘ when dining with most people. My fellow grazer played a strategic game however and ordered the Green tea salmon egg, baked ricotta, Denmark asparagus & rosewater poached pear ($20.50) knowing that I wouldn’t eat off their plate due to my strong dislike of smoked salmon.So the stage was set – Sayers had only one chance to blow me away with the one dish that I had ordered. At no point would unseasoned poached egg or mushroom cut it, I could not have my Sunday morning ruined by a breakfast which tasted like rice cakes.

Green tea salmon scrambled egg, baked ricotta, Denmark asparagus with rosewater poached pears

Fortunately for Sayers things were looking positive, with my star sign (in the paper) indicating that I would have a good day. The meals arrived in a timely manner and were aesthetically very pleasing. The lashing’s of raspberry over the top of the mushroom gave the plate a real lift in terms of presentation. I was additionally excited to see that my lone poached egg had been seasoned well with sea salt and pepper – BIG TICK.

Raspberry mushroom & crumbled feta, rocket, poached egg on toasted quinoa and linseed

Although I was dubious about how the raspberry would taste when combined with the other components of the dish I was pleasantly surprised. The strong flavour of the crumbled feta was nicely offset by the delicate sweetness and freshness of the raspberry drizzle. This was a good dish and I was feeling that I would be awarding my first 5/5 score to Sayers. The ultimate and final test however came down to that little poached egg sitting ever so quietly next to the quinoa & linseed toast – would it have the ‘goo factor’ that one aspires to get right when poaching their own eggs?????? As the knife pierced the surface, like a little rays of sunshine the bright yellow yolk ran all over the mushroom making me (in a sad way) very happy. As I scraped my plate clean I felt fulfilled and happy to take on the arduous task of Christmas shopping amidst the rest of the unorganised Perth population.


Positives: Great food and coffee, good atmosphere and prompt service (despite being busy). It is easy to see why Sayers has been and remained a popular and well liked dining spot since its opening.

Negatives: Fairly small place – Based on its popularity it would be difficult to get a seat if you have more than 4 people and it is fairly loud if dining inside.

Flaversome food,  crave curing coffee, sensational staff and a scenic setting = a top score of 5/5

Up next is tapas at ‘The Imp’ in Victoria Park so stay tuned.

Love ‘The Fat Cow” x

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